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Collaboration! Community! Advocacy!

NAWBO is more than a women's business organization. We have a well respected presence in Washington, D.C. having contributed to women business owners throughout the U.S.A.  Women's advocacy, along with legislation signed by Ronald Reagan allows us to schedule one one one conversations, if we wish, with our Congressman/women once  a year on Advocacy Day in  Washington D. C. Women's Business in Sedona



Wednesday, June 19th 11:30am-1pm

Join us for a delicious & informative luncheon at Steakhouse 89 in the Sedona Room. Our new Host Sponsor is offering three entree choices, one which you can choose when purchasing tickets here on line. (See below.) 

Our guest speaker, Tracey McConnell, Community Development Director of Verde Valley Sanctuary  who will lead an important discussion on “Coping with Sexual  Harassment in the Workplaces,” and how best to deal with it successfully.

~ Non-members may attend our luncheons or/and events twice before committing to membership. If this is your 3rd time attending, please be sure you join our chapter prior to our next luncheon or/and event.

NAWBO Luncheon at Steakhouse 89 ~ Wednesday, June 19th