COME RUN WITH US! Women's Business in Sedona


Collaboration! Community! Advocacy!

NAWBO is more than a women's business organization. We have a well respected presence in Washington, D.C. having contributed to women business owners throughout the U.S.A.  Women's advocacy, along with legislation signed by Ronald Reagan allows us to schedule one one one conversations, if we wish, with our Congressman/women once  a year on Advocacy Day in  Washington D. C. Women's Business in Sedona

YOU spoke & WE heard you!


NAWBO SVV Changes from Luncheons to Early Evening Meetings!

Starting in February, NAWBO SVV is scheduling meetings in the early evenings from 5:30pm to 7pm at the Golden Goose American Grill located in west Sedona.  Stay tuned for all the admission details and how to purchase your tickets on this site well in advance so you can attend NAWBO SVV's monthly gatherings of community & collaboration, networking learning new skills from informative & interesting guest speakers while enjoying  delicious  tapas and  beverages in the Golden Goose American Grill's Fireside Room.  



NAWBO Sedona Verde Valley and the Illuminate Film Festival are collaborating on an extraordinary event.  We’ll start with a special NAWBO luncheon, hosted by Sound Bites Grill, and follow up with the Illuminate Film Festival’s special screening of the  provocative documentary, “This Changes Everything” at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. 


Directly after enjoying a delicious meal, will be a panel discussion and Q&A with guest speakers Maria Giese, (film director, writer, producer), Mesha Davis, (Director of Arizona Foundation for Women), Kaycee Palumbo, (GE sales leader) and Jeneda Benally, (Native American singer & social activist.)

The panel will explore our current challenges as women, sharing how they powerfully leverage opportunities to create widespread impact in their field. Learn from these outstanding women leaders to expand your influence, grow your business and step into your power.

Seating is limited and reservations are required. When purchasing tickets, please choose your menu entree. 

For those interested, at 7pm, the event continues with ILLUMINATE Film Festival screening of the documentary,

 "This Changes Everything" at  Mary D. Fisher Theatre. For more information visit